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J Iron Word on Instagram: “One of my favorite pieces from @highpoetssociety if you don't follow him check him out. @highpoetssociety @highpoetssociety @highpoetssociety”

from Foursquare

Ybor City Historic District

Ha. Seriously until at 35, and got DX with ADD and would mediate and yoga and walk and think to myself why can't my head be quiet. ever. lol In all honestly I even had to practice as a kid- to adulthood-- how to listen- so one thing NO ONE gets is I really listen. I will walk away from a convo and that person may think I heard nothing and I heard more than most. lol. but yep--this is my life lol

This is so beautiful... I love it so much. And this is how I feel about you. You have given me a love that other people risk everything to try and find.

Happy Birthday to my fitness adviser, sports clothing supplier, coffee buyer and life coach, Jason Davidson. Here's an oldie of the pair of us from 2011 with the Super League trophy he'd just won. I know I bang on relentlessly about Leeds Rhinos but it's blokes like Davo here that make me so proud to fly the flag of this club. As Head of Athletic Performance he's been an instrumental part of the Golden Generation. Not only that but he's the nicest guy you'll ever meet and he's a pretty…

"This reminds me of Marius, in the film version of the musical Les Miserables (2012, for further clarification), when he could still hear his dead friends singing the songs he sung with them, though he couldn't bear to join in again." <--You just HAD to bring that up << AHHHHHH