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Travaille, Famille, Party - SO ME (headbangers publishing)

So Me - DA of Ed Banger - Book for the 10 years of Ed Banger label. Travail, Famille, Party (Headbangers Publishing)

Coffee and me I am known by most of my friends as that nerd who drinks coffee. And thats basically true Im really nerdy I like computers Im intelligent Im super passionate about certain things basically your average nerd. And I also love coffee. Coffee is one of those things that I have a huge passion for. In fact theres rarely a day that I go without it. Why do I love coffee so much? Its tough to say; I love the flavor that slight bitterness how its so smooth and rich. Its amazing. And…

When I was 12, when MTV's Headbanger's Ball first aired Dream Theater's "Pull Me Under" I was totally blown away. I had never realized the guitar could be played so fast before I heard John Petrucci's scale runs after the words "one less to my last" in this song. Images and Words still remains one of my favorite albums and biggest musical inspirations of all time.

You truly don't understand how true this is. I especially like doing when I listen to Bohemian Rhapsody... And then I faint.

On instagram by babehammer40k #thunderdome #gabbermadness (o) http://ift.tt/1U3rtxx local artist asshole pretty boy and sometimes musician Myles Kent is a TOTAL BADASS and (took the time!!!) to help me realize this idea that's been lurking in my brain-he took on the challenge of painting my white leather jacket for me I am truly FUCKING STOKED and honored to be rockin' something so unique and so MINE-wait til you see what custom works he receives in trade.... OMGYOUGAIS! #pnw #heavymetal…

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