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Stress Fracture - Round 2

Stress Fracture Of the Second Metatarsal - Self Help Tips to Treatment and Prevention from The Barefoot Running Doctor – Human Spring, Chiropractic Therapy | Team Doctors Blog

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How to return to running after a stress fracture. Four Week Buildup.

Complete guide to stress fractures...time to heal up this foot again..

Rather than being the Grand Canyon, this is a sub-microscopic crack in steel as viewed through a scanning electron microscope. A little Photoshopping (R) added the colors, depth of field and "sky."

Yoga for Your Feet

Yoga For Your Feet: Our feet are pretty amazing. They account for 25% of the bones in our body and have over 250,000 sweat glands. They take us where we need to go and give us mobility and freedom of movement. The feet are among the first indicators of disease. For instance, ailments like nerve and circulatory disorders as well as diabetes and arthritis tend to show the first symptoms at the feet. They may become numb or have a tingling sensation.

NSAIDs should be used for short term, not long term. Ask me about what natural supplements you can use for pain relief and the anti-inflammatory diet!

How to Gain Muscle After a Fractured Ankle

How to Regain Strength From an Ankle Fracture | eHow