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Raw Video workshop by SmartSystem. Teacher: Filippo Chiesa. Learning how to use a video slider to gett better camera movements with SmartSLIDER PRO and BlackMagic Cinema Camera.

Do you need a video and DSLR slider that doesn't care about icy weather? SmartSLIDER PRO is the right professional slider for your camera. In this picture Beatrice Quadri brought it in Iceland

SmartSLIDER PRO - Hig professional camera slider. The best slider for DSLR and high professional cameras.

Camera and DSLR video slider stress test. 100 kg is not enough! More info at:

SmartSLIDER PRO field test. Check the smoothness and de reliability of this slider, the best one for professional video cameras and DSLR or Reflex.

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SmartSLIDER PRO on the rocks. Perfect in every environment. Even with the Snow! Learn more on and find the right DSLR camera slider for your needs.

It's hard work for SmartSLIDER PRO during Photokina 2014. About two hundred kgs over one single camera slider. Tested three or four hundred times.... still perfect as un-boxed. You need more information on it? Check it out this page :

SmartSystem go Wild! Misurina Lake - Shooting with SmartSLIDER PRO 1300, DigiDRIVE Basic, and DigiMOTOR PRO. Many thanks to Matteo Vettorel for this backstage shot. The lenght (1300 mm) of this video slider is very useful in far field clips.

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Canon C100 over SmartSLIDER PRO. Motion control by DigiDRIVE. SmartSLIDER PRO is the best slider for professional cameras and heavy weigths.