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Is Negativity Really Awesome? Talk to turnaround experts, or read a little history, and you'll hear this story repeatedly: There were people who raised the alarm, and they got shouted down.

Purpose Has Become Incredibly Important What we learned is that young people want to do good as well as do well.

Ecologistas denuncia a Volskswagen por la #contaminación de Madrid - Contenido seleccionado con la ayuda de

Chowing Down On Employees' Brains If we don’t have something going on in our team encouraging learning then last minute brain dumps are not going to save the day when people inevitably leave.

A Software Version Of Himself It is a software version of Steve himself. He’s put his personality and experience into code.

The Trend Is Your Friend Check out the stunning numbers recently cited in a New York Times article: roughly 12 percent of Millennials saying they are total vegetarians.

Be Boring But Ensure No One Knows We’ll be successful, ironically, when it becomes boring

Overcoming Bounded Rationality Due to constraints on cognitive abilities, access to information as well as the interplay of emotions, humans operate under what is know as bounded rationality.