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Купить паек - Полусапоги

Typically, people in the US and Canada consider England to be the major tea drinking country in Europe, but recent study found that 82 percent of Russians drink tea daily. The attributes of Russian tea drinking: samovar (meaning "self-boiler" in Russian), loose leaf black tea, pancakes, jam, cubed sugar, sliced lemon, cups in cup holders, porcelain set… Unfortunately, very few people drink tea in accordance with this attributes, because almost no one these days uses a samovar.

Style and Tradition Tea has always had a place in Russian culture, and Samovar is central to Russian tea. Now you can enjoy the Russian tea brewing process with beautiful samovar. These samovar come in many styles. Shop Samovars

Чашки чая в хохломе стиля. векторная иллюстрация — Stock Illustration #56979943