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Reds, especially those with golden undertones rather than blue, are the best and most suited colours of lipstick for people with whitish complexions. Also, pink shimmers can look good too with both colour schemes working well in almost any formula.

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latest style tip -->: flattering lipstick shades such as coral, orange and pink brighten up your complexion, eyes and even your mood. 3 ways to wear bright lipstick this summer on @nubry .com @MACosmetics @NARS_makeup @mandyparker28

Glossy, shimmery, subtle, matte, for nude lips, pink lips, or red lips—nature made color for every lip look in the book. Choose from five natural lip color products in over 45 moisturizing shades, for endless possibilities for lovely lips of every shape.

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I discovered this lip gloss about a year ago. It has the prettiest pink sheen and is more moisturizing than half the chap sticks out there. It is a must have in any beauty bag.

This installment of How to… is all about celebrating the beauty in your natural lip shape. With so many celebrities, models, reality stars and beauty-obsessed regular women opting to alter their natural lip shape through collagen and fillers, it may be hard to see the beauty in what your natural pout has to offer. Whether you’re a full-lipped lady or have a thin or uneven pucker, there are a myriad of ways to bring out the best in your lip shaping, making for an envy-worthy kisser. Below are…

Stop everything. Baby Lips is going glossy! Meet the newest members of our family – Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss! Not only does it come in three awesome formulas, it’s non-sticky and leaves your lips feeling 100% moisturized. Grab 'em all: The Shimmers, for high shine and a hint of color, The Creams, for smooth, creamy moisture and soft color and The Jellies, for super saturated color. Are you still reading or is that a you-shaped streak we see headed for the nearest retailer?

For the Kim K lip. My fave MAC lip pencil is Stripdown. She uses either MAC Angel or Blankety lipstick. Angel is too pink for me. Blankety is perf.