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This was a while back...but awesome coat Harry!!!
I literally was jumping and runnig arounnd the house screaming " YAY! Liam has 2 kidneys! YAY! Liam! WOOHOO!"
I can't express how much I love them! And how much they have changed my life! When I'm down I turn on one direction and it perks me right up! Thank you boys<3
My birthdays tomorrow and I just found out I need braces ..again! This time all over. Worst bday news.
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So according to E! news one direction is the top 6th boy band ever! I think they should be number one all the way but out of ALL the boy bands ever...... thats pretty cool!! Im sill kinda upset though..... They had a really long bio on them though sooo yea im total fangrling rigt now and my mom is telling me to shut up!! I LOVE U CRAZY LADS AND ONE DAY ULL BE NUMBER ONE!!
Our amazing boys!!! They've grown up so much but they haven't really CHANGED. Louis is still a hilarious sass master, Zayn is still too cool and deep for words, Liam is still the daddy, Nialler is still the goofy carefree crazy Irishman he was from day uno, Harry is still... Harry? Lol there isn't many words that can sum up that mess of curls and charm. They are still and always have been, OUR BOYS!!! <3
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I took the Who's Your One Direction BGF and I got Niall. We'd be the best of friends and then we will realize our feeling and start dating and get married and have kids and grow old and yeah, I'm a dreamer. -Claire (don't repin plz)
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