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Looking for a holiday gift for dad? This long sleeve black t-shirt is perfect for dads, new daddys, fathers, and husbands. The shirt comes with "DADDY" on front as shown in your choice of available lettering colors. by Threadtails, $16.00 #Dads #Daddy #Father

Cute idea for fathers day. Free Father's Day Questionnaire Printable. Kids can say the funniest things!

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Northern Cardinal - Brilliantly Beautiful

Love birds ♥ over morning tea

Supernatural IS the only place where the King of Hell would treat you better than your own father would.

Sleeping With Sirens lol Kellin is so cute about Copeland

I have to admit didn't like Dean in the first few episodes and then I saw how much he cared about Sam and all the flashbacks of him watching over his younger brother and I looked over at my younger sister watching beside me and I was just kind of like Dean you are forever my favourite character.

Day 30 of the #listersgottalist challenge: what I love about myself. ❤️ We are often very critical of ourselves, wishing for skills we feel we lack or dwelling on out faults. It feels great to list...

Just who hasn't heard this one? lol. I heard this from momma allllll the time when I was kid! And "dry it up!" Lol

I'm a cashier. A man came up to my register once with tampons, pads, and chocolate, looked me dead in the eye and said "I have three daughters. It's shark week."