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((OPEN RP)) The ice spirals from my hands creating untricate designs in the air. I turn around and look at me sister. She has been bestowed the power of fire. I smile. She looked so happy. We were about to leave when someone stopped us.

63 insane levitation photographs

An idea, a tripod, a few accessories and/or assistants and some knowledge of photo retouch : here are what you need to make levitation. A lot of photographers try this kind of photos and we couldn’t resist to the envy of showing to you our favorite works of that type which mixes a surrealist fact […]

holycrapyarnandstuff: makememori: Breathtaking. I wish these had an outdoor sole on them. At A Life Crocheted. I just bought the pattern for these, I couldn’t resist.

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I will say it again...My oh my! I think he should make an app that is him just talking ...Like a phone ring...Hellooo Doll.....

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