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I am a Portuguese woman. A woman of lust, that loves art, beauty, fashion, music, culture, literature and creative thinking. This is my soul, welcome to my world. If you are under please leave now. This is a NSFW blog.

follower(s) now isolated from the outside world.. ❝Hello, I'm Sienna. I've come to realize, that the world is a sad, yet lovely place. I intend to travel about it, and take absolutely nothing for granted. Please don't expect me to follow you back,...

Faux Fur // i'm changing my pin description from ☾< .pretty vibes. >☼ to // beauty queen of 18 // because this whole vibes thing seems to be getting out of hand and it's like too religious sounding kind of? so i'm changing it yah

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50 Summer And Popular Outfits Of Beginning Boutique Australian Label - 3/4