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The bones of these creations: the Skeleton Key

Despite the fact he had decided to kill himself, Mister Snuggles decided to still read the morning newspaper that day. He was hemorrhaging money between his mortgage, his estranged wife’s frivolous plastic surgery sprees, and the various credit card bills that kept piling up, and there was no way left to pay them, as Mister Snuggles had been fired a month ago and had neglected to tell the family, acting as if all was well. He breathed a heavy sigh and his mouth tasted like the fish he had

We woke up in that weird hungover morning haze. Two boners but too tired. I told him the only thing that would get me going was a iced vanilla latte from the dunkin’ d down the street. He said he’d be right back. But he couldn’t find his pants so he asked to borrow mine. Sure, but you’ll look ridiculous, they’re too big for you. Of course, he looks amazing in them. You can see the slight bulge and you just know he’s not wearing underwear. It doesn’t matt

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Jennifer Nettles Medium Layered Cut

Jennifer Nettles Medium Layered Cut - Medium Layered Cut Lookbook - StyleBistro