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It was a hot afternoon when I saw a butterfly flying and it rests on a flower.

A strange deep sea creature captured by fisherman Roman Fedorstov (Twitter)

This Might Be The Most Beautiful Photo Of A Rainbow Ever

In British Columbia, Canada. No, it is not photoshopped. The photographer said, "The sun has to be in position to get the rainbow, and this photo was not planned by me beforehand. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time." #rainbow #waterfall | Splitrock Lighthouse, MN | This image was taken during a summer field trip by our family for a school project our daughter was working on. The image was captured by a modified Nikon D50 that only takes Infrared images. Worked on in PS to colorize and adjust horizon level and some tones of the lighthouse. Prints are available. Feel free to contact me @ for size/price list.

A Luftwaffe cameraman is thought to have captured the moments after Hurricane Mk I JU-V had clipped the starboard wing of 17Z-2 U5+FL of 3/KG2 at 6,000ft over Convoy Bread at 14.00 on 19 July 1940, losing its port wing. F/O Thomas PK "Peter" Higgs of No 111 Squadron RAF had reportedly fired at the bomber when being attacked by Obltn Walter Oesau of 7/JG51 in Me 109E-3 White 1. Both aircraft spun seawards out of control, killing 2 crewmen and the 23-year-old pilot on bailing out.

"I had him, I had him in my sights. I could've done it, too. Ended it right there and then, but I'm too much of a coward, I'm sorry, El." - young Wilson

Mycroft: She’s dead. She was captured by a terrorist cell in Karachi two months ago and beheaded. John: It’s definitely her? She’s done this before. Mycroft: I was thorough this time. It would take Sherlock Holmes to fool me. And I don’t think he was on hand. Do you? So. What should we tell Sherlock?

Please forgive me if this photo offends you. Notify me; I will remove. It is posted to show the anguish of the Vietnam War; the horrors our troops, 18 and 19 year olds... were exposed to...only to be rejected; mocked by an ungrateful nation when they returned. A dead Marine, Battle for Hill 881. Photo by CATHERINE LEROY (1944 - 2006). she shot some of most brutal photographs to come out of the country. (Captured by NVA during Tet Offensive.) posted from the Khe Sanh Veterans Assn.

"Cinnamon Cub" - photo by Jess Findlay, via 500px; A cinnamon Black Bear cub breaks from gorging on wildflowers and strawberries to take a look at [the photographer] in the mountains of Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada.