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Moss art
this is so cool!!! and not permanent!!! For my dragon statue<<< Ooh...something fun and...NOT ILLEGAL! :D
I am going to try this in my garden. I want moss to grow around my pond. I hope it works well!
Moss Graffiti. Uniting my love for moss and typography, all in one. So doing this on the side of my house, regardless what the fiance says.
Makatron - Bee Colony
(We're gonna pretend it's not a drawing) Hi I'm Pandora, and I'm 16. I love music and I play almost every instrument ever created! I love to sing and dance a lot, and I'm always pretty upbeat. I am pretty shy and kinda antisocial, because if you ever see me, I most likely will have headphones on, or I'm playing some instrument. Also, I can be super sarcastic. Spot is my best friend, but we can get into arguments. Oh yeah. Also bi. But yeah. Introduce?
DIY: IKEA TARVA drawers customized with paint