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Tortoiseshell Cat Ornament, Tortie Cat, Felt Tortoiseshell Cat, Cat Christmas Ornament, Valentine Gift

This charming kitty cat measures approx. 4 high x 3 1/2 wide. It is hand cut and sewn and lightly padded with fiberfill. The cats listed are my own design and cannot be an exact replica of every kind and color of cat. I have therefore taken an artistic abstract interpretation of some of the more well known type of cats. The heart button represents the kitty cats love for its guardian. For the torti cat whose main colors are black and red, I have used circles (for a touch of whimsy) to i...

Cat of the Day ♥ I have seen many cats Sample milk and milk products, usually with no ill effect. Perhaps it's the natural hybrid vigor of domestic felines. Feral city cats live paw to mouth, from dumpsters, handouts, and whatever they catch. My cat loves the Rice Milk I have to use.

My cat would love this! his 2 favourite things!

"Just overheard my dad talking to our dogs about how much he hates the cat"

When my cat was young I would softly touch the top of her paw, and kiss it. To show her love she will gently put her paw up on my nose. She will put her paw on top of my hand if she does not want to be touched. Touch is very important.

Top 10 Cat-mas Holiday Memes

Top 10 Cat-mas Holiday Memes | My Cat is Spoiled

Ummm hi. Just lost a half hour of my life on this blog - Pusheen the Cat's "6 Practical Uses for Marshmallows" by pusheen #Marshmallows #pusheen @Jayelle @Jessica Ziebarth @Sarah Kniep