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Szputnyik Medium Backsack - Ornamentique - accessories / Bags

Szputnyik Medium Backsack - Geometric - accesssories / Bags

16 Looks que acabarán con la mujer INDECISA que llevas dentro

love this summer outfit i love the high waisted pants and the loose shirt and the cardigan adds color to it and also the necklace adds glimmer add some flip flops and head to the beach.

To celebrate Punk Day, we're counting down the bad-ass chicks who gave The Ramones a run for their money. From ripped jeans and leather to pixie cuts and plaid, these women represent rule-breaker style. Here are 10 iconic images of the female faces of Pun

15 Easy Ways to Wear Your Flannels

Uhg. Now I'm a mess. Well looks like I like two people. Oh crap. I'm gonna go for a skate to get my mind off of things. -Juniper

Aztec-Inspired Rucksacks (Urban Outfitters)

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