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Even though you were the one that lied and cheated. Typical narcissistic behaviour. Blame someone else instead of looking in the mirror. Such lies you wrote.

God knows my heart!! <3 .I don't care at all what people think of me or say about me be it good or bad,my life is between me & God only,he is my judge,I am not perfect and I never will be,but I know I'm going to heaven and I know that not any one on earth will change that,and if you don't know where you going if you should take your last breathe tonight then you better start thinking of yourself not me,I pray for my lost loved ones & put all in Gods hands....

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Kindness Jar: Successful Parenting with Positive Reinforcement

Whenever I find myself exhausted from refereeing my kids all day, I turn to this simple strategy to be successful parenting again. Parenting doesn't have to be hard, reactive and just about discipline. Positive reinforcement is a powerful parenting tool.

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SHE-RA Princess of power...loved her and he man...i ha both figurines and they were a part of my barbie family,lol!!

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Sesame Street's The Tweedle

Quote of my moment, here & now, this is it. It's so complicated, & I don't expect anyone to truly understand what we went through as a couple, seeing each other at rock bottom, caught up in our own demise, having to pull through that, & out of it, together, & being strong for each other, before we were officially together, how we got to that point & everyone we hurt in that time...& what we are going through now, in which I'm truly the only one getting hurt because she doesn't KNOW ANYTHING…