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This discusses the demographics of Generation Z they are 12 to 19 year-olds they are referred to as the more "Sensible" version of the Generation X kids. Generation Z is about fixing the world, and solving problems, they represent $44 billion in purchases over a year. Karen Snare

Summary of survey results from first-year college students. Your First Year in College survey infographic. Higher Education Research Institute.

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How Experiential Retailing Bridges In-Store and Online Shopping

CMS Wire The idea around experiential retail stems from the modern consumer’s desire to get more out of the shopping experience than just a product. Research last year from PwC found that consumers…

Thanksgiving is approaching. Are you planning to shop on Black Friday, the biggest sales event that happens once a year? This report discusses about how the holidays change consumer behavior. The reports shows that more people prefer to shop holiday gifts online instead of shopping in-store, and men start planning for shopping gifts latter than women. -By Yini

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Consumers Showing Little Fear of 'Fiscal Cliff'

"Consumers Show Little Fear of 'Fiscal Cliff'". This article discusses how consumer confidence is at an all time high since the recession hit, but that could be changing relatively soon due to the tax increases likely to hit most of the nation near the end of this year. Right now many are unaware or unconcerned with this increase, but once it hits it's expected to hit many hard. This is important to understand, as consumer spending could dramatically decrease because of this. Christina S.

Maybank wins Brand of the Year award The awards recognises and celebrates some of the best global and national brands for their work and achievements. Uniquely, winners are judged through three streams: brand valuation, consumer market research and public online voting. The Maybank ...

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Six Trends That Will Shape Consumer Behavior This Year

Hyper efficiency is a trend that will shape consumer behavior in the future. We are always wanting to solve age old issues. From health to homes people are looking for ways to effectively use the last bit of space and time. With a growing awareness of how limited resources are, innovations are creating creating valuable assets out of the otherwise unused. Megan S.

Alternative Joint-Health Ingredients Are on the Rise After all, some market researchers (not all) have reported net losses for these joint-health giants for a few years now.1 Although glucosamine and chondroitin still make up the whopping majority of the market, consumer concerns over issues like ...

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How a mom earned $500,000 in three years selling clothes through an app called Poshmark

Poshmark was created in 2011 and has become a sort of combination of Ebay and Pinterest where women can sell their lightly used clothes to an audience that spans across the country! Women everywhere are selling clothes and making money without even having to leave their home and all of this is accessible on-the-go through mobile device apps. -Leah Schwallie

The 5 best natural antibiotics and anti-virals that destroy superbugs and just about everything else