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Photo by Mollie Bailey At 19, Impulsive is still going strong, advancing to the jump-off in today's $25,000 Welcome Grand Prix with Scott Lenkart up. | The Chronicle of the Horse

Photo by Mollie Bailey Bugatti scored his first grand prix win in today's $77,000 Governor's Cup Grand Prix. | The Chronicle of the Horse

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The Prettiest Horse In The World

The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan, the former Soviet republic. Akhal-Tekes are noted for their speed and for endurance on long marches. These "golden-horses" are adapted to severe climatic conditions and are thought to be one of the oldest surviving horse breeds. There are currently about 3,500 Akhal-Tekes in the world, mostly in Turkmenistan and Russia. The history of the breed is 5,000 years old. On the picture it is a horse of Isabella Breed of Akhal-Teke