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Höstanemon - Anemone hupehensis, Anemone hupehensis var. japonica, and Anemone × hybrida are species of flowering herbaceous perennials in the Ranunculaceae family. Anemone × hybrida is a hybrid of Anemone hupehensis var. japonica and Anemone vitifolia. Wikipedia Scientific name: Anemone hupehensis

Anemone vitifolia (Vine-leaved anemone). Plate from ‘The Botanist’ by B. Maund and J. S. Henlow. Published 1836.Missouri Botanical

An Extensive Cluster of Different Types of Flowers With Pictures

Commonly known as Japanese anemones — they actually come from China — the fall blooming anemones found in our gardens are usually hybrids of these three Asian species: A. hupehensis, A. tomentosa, and A. vitifolia. Anemones are often known as windflowers, because the genus name was derived from the Greek word for wind, anemos. The appellation is perfectly understandable once you see a anemone swaying gracefully in the wind on its tall bloom stalk.