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from Etsy

Alfonso (Gator) Sea Urchins (3 pcs.) - (3+") - Toxopneustes Pileolus

Alfonso Gator Sea Urchins 3 pcs. 34 by seashellmart on Etsy, $3.75

Purple Sea Urchins 3 pcs. by seashellmart on Etsy, $3.75

from Etsy

Green Sea Urchins (3 pcs.) - (appx. 2") - Salmacis Sphaeroides

Green Sea Urchins 3 pcs. appx. 2 Salmacis by seashellmart

Tillandsia Kimberly Clump Air Plants by CTSairplants on Etsy, $3.95

Ivory Pagoda SucculentCrassula Perforata Hybrid by CTSairplants, $3.95

from Etsy

Sputnik/Thai Sea Urchins (2 pcs.) - (1-2") - Phyllacanthus Parvispinus

Sputnik/Thai Sea Urchins 2 pcs. 1-2 by seashellmart on Etsy

from Etsy

Mini Sputnik Sea Urchins (4 pcs.) - Eucidaris Matularia

Green Sputnik Sea Urchins 4 pcs. by seashellmart on Etsy, $4.00

Natural Yoka Star Turban Seashell 2.5-3 by seashellmart on Etsy

4.3 Large English Channel Sea Urchin Orange by seashells11035

from Etsy

Red Sea Fan (7-10") - Echinogorgia SP

Red Sea Fan 7-10 Echinogorgia SP by seashellmart on Etsy