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Floating Feelings: Feeling faces drawn on ping pong balls with a Sharpie. Float in a bowl of water. Child scoops one out with a slotted spoon or tongs and identifies the feeling and a time they experienced that feeling.

Feelings identification therapy activity: Create a board with feelings similar to this one or have the child come up with feelings on his or her own and fill them in. Present a real or imaginary situation and ask the child to put a certain amount of stones (depending on how strong those feelings were) on each of the emotions they felt or might feel, then process the experience of having co-existing emotions.

from Miss Mary Liberry

(Not) Flannel Friday: Feelings Faces

Feelings Faces - emotions and reading!

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All About My Feelings: Identifying Emotions with Self Portraits

All About My Feelings: Identifying Emotions with Self Portraits from Still Playing School

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Paper Plate Emotion Masks

So simple it's brilliant. Talk about feelings and make these emotion masks at preschool.

Feeling faces This is great for little ones that have a hard time finding the right word to describe their emotions--works great with a feeling journal to help them learn what the feeling is and what the facial features might be in each situation.

This week we've been discussing emotions and feelings. To help the children understand their emotions, I painted 'feelings stones' and set up this lovely table, where the children can recreate their own faces - or any silly face they like!


Show Me How You Feel! In this activity, a chart is used to help the young child better identify his or her own inner emotional state and then convey that information to others. #children #therapy #play

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Emotions Song : How Are You Feeling Today

How Are You feeling Today? - Perfect song circle time and for the start of the new term. Let's Play Music

Doing this! Feelings expression (feelings heart, feelings pie, feelings drawing, etc.)