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#fasting #primal The Weight is Over: No More White, Girl I've worn neck-to-ankle foil sweat suits and I've taken Dexatrim and starved myself on Jell-O diets and cabbage diets and fasting diets and low-carb diets and Lean Cuisine and Slim Fast. I've done multiple rounds of Weight Watchers, which reminds me ...

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40 day Bible Reading Plan. I want to try to do this during a 40 day fast. The point being not to study every verse for its intricacies and details but rather to take in the Word and just absorb it and see its majesty from a birds eye view. If something particularly jumps out at me, I'll note it to study in more detail during my bible study times. This daily reading should only take 45 minutes. I think I can sacrifice that much TV Time :)

Here is a link to all of Haylie's Recipes that she's sent out this year in her newsletter. These are in addition to the ones found in her book, The Fast Metabolism Diet.

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Furious 6 (2013)

3/5 solid sequel keeping the movies ticking along. Stunt work was on point which is the main draw, as soon as they go full cgi it'll be lost but for now these are enjoyable popcorn actioners!

Resting the camera on the dashboard of the car to keep it relatively stable would be a good approach. Then it's just the car's movement and the cars outside that will create the blur and not camera shake. This will have to be experimental as far as shutter speeds and exposure are concerned. Obviously night time would work best if I am going to record light streaks. The camera pointing at back seat and kids with blur outside?

A part of me as always felt this way... then I meet my soul mate even though we can't be together my feelings won't just die they will never die. It's profound sadness knowing how close but so far away I am from her

But I would go sooooo many more miles per gallon!


Breathtaking Lamborghini Photos

Paula’s Car: El foto de la Lamborghini representa el coche de Paula. El coche de Paula es muy rapido, tambien la Lamborghini.