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The research designs may be roughly categorized as ‘Observational’ or ‘Experimental’. The experimental studies are done on variables whose control lies in the researcher’s hand. In an observational study, the researcher observes things as they happen. In experimental studies, the researcher observes the findings in different studies by manipulating independent variables and records the resultant variation in dependent variables.

Student Tuition Now Officially Pays More Than States For Public College Funding

Students now pay more of the cost of attending public universities than state governments, according to a recent

Mentors Help Create A Sustainable Pipeline For Women In STEM

Women make up about half of the workforce in America, but they only represent 24% of the workforce in STEM fields. Why should we care? First and foremost, this statistic calls attention to an untapped potential; talent that we need in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in order to remain competitive from a global perspective. #women #science #STEM