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I designed this sterling silver bow ring in NY. It resembles braided leather with a complete bow knot.

This necklace, called a lazem, has a pendent amulet case in its centre. The silver beads between the pieces of coral are typical of Yemeni jewellery. They are made of granules soldered together in pyramids, called tut, because they resemble mulberry berries. The lengths of braided cotton at the ends of the necklace are also typical. The original owner saw no need to extend the expensive silver and coral work behind her head, where it could not be seen. Yemen, circa 1850-1900

Some Regency Hats, repros destined for the "Fashions of the Fury" exhibit at French Azilum, in May. Top, satin and straw- braid-trimmed capote (looks like a nautilus shell to me), bottom, straw-edged, with tiers of antique style bobbin lace over a silk crown (hidden under all the lace!) At the right, the originals; inspirations from the Met, and Napoleon, Empire of Fashion exhibit.

9.Ferrioniere Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 This contemporary hair accessory closely resembles the Italian ferrioniere, it grazes the middle part vertically, while draping the forehead.

The Fulani women of West Africa wear large gold earrings called kootone kange. They flaunt dark tattoos around their lips and embellish their braided hair with gold coins.

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