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I may have been silent when Chuck died, but that did not mean I didn't care, I just knew there was nothing I could do.

Quotes That Gives You Chills

My silence absolutely means you are not worth the argument

no one knows how real this is for me. I'm done hiding. I just want everything to be like it was. Back when I didn't give a care in the world how large I was, or if I was cool or not. Now I'm starving myself so I look " ok " , and my label is " the bookworm who doesn't talk much. " and " is to smart for everyone, and that's why she has no friends."

People cry not becasue they are weak but becasue thy have been strong for to long

What?!! What?!! Why?!!! Why would you even...I can't...I don't even...WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! -------NO!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! Go to your room. I mean it. I'm very, very angry with you. I am very, very cross. Go to your room!

New headcanon: Rose had Ten's baby. I just cried. Literal tear are filling up my eyes right now. Plus, that explains why Rose's blouse was in the middle of the TARDIS in the most weirdest place. If you know what I mean.

Everything is RWBY and I'm Currently Crying, koblf: つらい

Everything is RWBY and I'm Currently Crying, koblf: つらい<==idk in a world of cybernetic limbs I wasn't hit as hard as I should have been.

[gif]now do I put on hunger games board or Harry potter board.... Decisions decisions... Better put it on both!!!

[gif] you will lose everything and everyone you hold dear. I am pinning to geek because I don't know if I should pin this on my Hunger Games board or my Harry Potter one.

Two things that can measure who you really are: The way you manage when you have nothing and the way you behave when you have everything. - Unknown

Great Leadership is when you care more than you say, you lead to achieve, you walk behind, you lead to achieve to create future Leaders. - Malika E Nura

I love you little one. Zware dagen. Zware weken, eigenlijk best een heel zwaar jaar. Emoties, stemmingen, verdriet. Woede. Het was er allemaal. Op sommige momenten geen idee hoe er mee om te gaan. De dagen zitten vol stress en dat gaat samen met nog veel oud zeer. Sorry schatje dat ik het soms even allemaal niet meer weet. Ik hou van jou. Sta op punten om op te geven, omdat ik denk dat ik het niet kan. Maar ik kan het wel. Wij kunnen dit wel. Het is niet makkelijk. Maar het is het zeker wel…

Devon, I hope you know, that through all my problems while raising you, I tried.I wanted to be the greatest, but I turned out just being okay and I'm sorry!

Percy Jackson for me was a friend, and a hero.  He was never just a fictional character as one says he is. These characters were my friends when I didn't have any.  They were there for me through what ever problems were happening to me. Camp half blood was an escape from my life. I would just read these books and be able to go on adventures and feel happy. The books made me cry, laugh, and angry. But most of all Rick Riordan introduced me to the magic that is reading. Thank you Uncle Rick.

I will never forget.^^^this is beautiful :')<< im freaking crying! these books helped me through so much over te past years and it has done so much for me i will always remember these people for the rest of my life!