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In this unusual salad, funky, creamy Camembert and crisp, juicy sugar snap peas unite to make a texturally complex and very flavorful dish. You can use any washed rind cheese here as long as it’s ripe enough to be spread on a plate. If you can’t find a gooey-centered cheese, you can substitute a creamy goat cheese instead. (Photo: Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times)

We love the work of Leigh from the Chit Chat Chomp blog, that we've also shared her Nut + Banana Cookies and the Quinoa Chocolate Balls.

These savoury pancakes from the IQS Breakfast Cookbook are packed full of good stuff to fuel you through the morning.

When I quit sugar, I quit chocolate...the sugary confectionery type. Now I make my own, with very minimal sweetener, and share recipes like this: #Simplicious Tam Tims - snapped by @annadventures

These tasty sweet potato fries come from Marisa of Miss Marzipan. These taste great on they own or can be paired with some grilled chicken or steak to make a complete meal. – I Quit Sugar

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