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"True beauty comes from inside, not from how you look, but how you feel about how you look. We can be our own worst enemies, but now we have our own Wonder Woman in Dr. O’Gorman, who has empowered us by not only giving our self-doubt a label—girly thoughts—but also by giving us tools to detox from our negative self-beliefs. Every woman who ever wondered if she was 'good enough' needs to read this book.” —Karina Brez, Miss Florida USA 2012

And in the end we want the most beautiful mind. So damn true. Beauty is good, but a beautiful mind is great. And good is the enemy of great.

Una bella mujer habla con verdad y delicadeza, su corazón y manos para caridad y amor. Y aquellos que no la aman, suele orar por ellos.

I'm pretty sure this has been my lifelong mantra. It's kept me out of trouble when I should've gotten caught, haha.

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