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Ross playing the bagpipes with Phoebe singing. This makes me laugh every time

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Community Post: 15 Signs You're A Crazy "Friends" Fanatic

And then you still got excited when it became available on Netflix. | Community Post: 15 Signs You're A Crazy "Friends" Fanatic

Ross: "What's Wah-Pah?" Chandler: "Ya know, whipped... Wah-Pah!" hahahahaha (yes, i have an annoying obsession to F.R.I.E.N.D.S & reference the show in almost any situation.)

Uncle Jerry Chandler makes your face xD it reminds me of Cory and you xD hahaha

"If bookworms ruled the world, red lights would be long enough to finish just one more chapter".

I love creepy ghost circle decorations. So simple yet creepy

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21 Signs Your Sibling Is The Best Friend You Have

'Why is your family Ross?'