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The performance artist Scottee's Burger Queen contest is now in its second year. Photograph: Sami Knight

Erika Larsen Sami Gällivare, Sweden NOVEMBER ISSUE Sven Skaltje was saddened to find the carcasses of two female reindeer whose antlers had become entangled during a dominance struggle in northern Sweden. He estimates it took three days for them to die of starvation. After separating the bodies, he saw from the ear markings that one belonged to him and the other to his cousin. Skaltje is much admired by the younger Sami in his herding group, but he is unsure whether the skills he…

Cologne Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf, pictured, suggested the women were attacked because they 'wore perfume'

Alison Sweeney Poses Braless for Health, Talks About Her ''Big Change'' After Days of Our Lives

1. Susannah Fielding, set to make a big splash in next year’s film The Knot (also starring Mena Suvari) 2. Gina Rodriguez plays Beverly on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. 3. Sami Gayle, just 16-years-old and already a Broadway veteran, is one of the stars of CBS’ Blue Bloods, and the upcoming films Stolen, starring Nicolas Cage

Ivy is 5 and has fire powers. She wants a kind and caring family. (Adopted by Maya Johnson )

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