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35 Drivers Who Exacted Their Parking Lot Revenge in the Most Hilarious Ways Possible

There are those of us who will not stand aside while a parking crime is being committed. Instead, these select few get their revenge in the most creative of ways. A word of caution: revenge is not always PG rated.

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Bestselling author Dean Koontz writes fantastic birthday note to someone who hates his books

Dean Koontz has written 14 hardcovers and 14 paperbacks that have hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list, with over 450 million books sold overall. Of course, every successful author has plenty of critics has a friend who...

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Happying sad songs and sadding happy ones with creative key changes

The Gregory Brothers take famous songs from today and years past and amusingly screw around with the mood of the original by changing keys (and a few other things), including a wonderfully ironic version of Pharrell Williams' "Happy...

35 Ridiculous Prom Pictures That Will Remind You Just How Awkward High School Was

"High school prom season means two things: 1) restaurants will be filled with gawky teens who can’t afford their meal because they spent all their babysitting money on a dress or tux, and 2) awkward photos that capture the essence of being a teen. As these pictures prove, prom season is the most awkward season of all."

Anyone Who’s Ever Shoveled a Driveway Will Pity This Guy…But Still Laugh

Anyone who’s ever shoveled a driveway will feel bad for this guy…but still laugh

34 Super Funny And Cute Animal Pictures

Painfully Funny Look at the 18 Different Types of People who go to movie theaters

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