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How Would You Die In "Once Upon A Time"?

How Would You Die In "Once Upon A Time" - You got: Set on fire by an enraged Maleficent! You’re in the middle of a quest to steal an enchanted hairbrush from Maleficent’s cave when a giant dragon steps out in front of you, screaming about a stolen egg??? You’re like “excuse me but what da fuq???” And FOOM! You’re a tiny campfire. Well that's unfortunate.

Entwined by Heather Dixon - It's based on the 12 Dancing Princesses Fairy Tale, which is my favorite fairy tale. This was a fun spin on the tale, but I'm still waiting for them to make a movie based on it...

The Kings Speech/ I'm sure just about everyone has seen it...but if you haven't, you must! It's amazing.

Aurelia was a slave for the Emperor but also his Niece. She didn't know until after the Emperor's death. Then she was made the Empress...and the most cruel there ever was.