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Chez Adel
♫♪ Music ♪♫ black and white jazz......Bonjour VdS.. ce vas.?. Thanks for this image.I visited Paris several times as an Art student and this reminds me of a place we used to hang out at, great jazz as I remember .Alan Jenkins.
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1920s Paris and New Orleans wedding ideas and inspiration, photos by Magnolia Pair
Color-keys for A Monster in Paris by Aurélien Predal
Ilg, Trüb is a zurich based graphic design studio founded by Marlon Ilg and Simon Trüb. Marlon Ilg, Simon Trüb (Ilg/Trüb) lately won the pitch for the new corporate communication of Wanderlust. One of Paris' current cultural hotspots. Including club, cinema, restaurant and several offers for activities and workshops. In collaboration with moire.ch contact: info@ilgtrueb.ch web: www.ilgtrueb.ch
Paris has always had a strong affinity with jazz, and there’s a wealth of venues to hear trad, modern and avant garde music. Here, performers, producers and critics pick their favourite clubs
...one day a poster like this will be featuring a loved one