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All things are difficult before they are easy // Thomas Fuller (print by Note to Self)

Top 30 “Never to Forget” Quotes #image #Quotes

Top 30 “Never to forget Quotes”

Spend your money on the things money can buy. Spend your time on the things money can’t buy.

My all time favorite actress and one I would have loved to meet in person.  She was her own person!

Love her. Can you be a better actor than Katherine Hepburn? No, sorry you cant. Not in my opinion. Im sure that there are many women actors who put all their effort into being really great at what they do, but Katherine Hepburn makes it all look

Doing what you like is Freedom

This is true. I love my job- it is my passion and a large part of who I am. This is one of those days MY job has been very enjoyable. Love the people I work with. Thanks for making my job a pleasure.

---------------------------------------------------THE ONLY PERSON YOU ARE DESTINED TO BECOME, IS THE PERSON YOU DECIDE TO BE.

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ Single love

Charm v. Beauty.......It never hurts to have both!

"Charm is more valuable than beauty. You can resist beauty, but you can't resist charm" - Audrey Tatou