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When I watched this scene, I had to pause it and skip back so many times because I was laughing so much. Even now I'm pissing myself remembering it


This Scarecrow Cosplay is Dark, Gloomy...and Awesome

This Scarecrow Cosplay is Dark, Gloomy...and Awesome,manual

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Arkham Daycare For The Criminally Insane – by Phostex

Arkham Daycare for the Criminally Insane by Paul Hostetler - "In the background you can see traces of l’il Penguin and l’il Catwoman, since I don’t think they’re Arkham natives, and l’il Killer Croc and l’il Mr. Zsasz I couldn’t think of “L’il” versions of. Only typing this do I realize that I forgot Mr. Freeze, and that he’d be the perfect “I don’t want to play” friend for l’il Bane in the corner there. Oh well."