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Explore Dance With Me, Just Dance and more! | Evangadi dance - Ethiopia | The Hamar tribe is a tribe that lives in the south of the Omo Valley. They are cattle herders but also grow some crops. As many other tribes they use scarification to make themselves beautiful. Scarring their bodies and packing the wounds with ash and charcoal. The Hamar are well known for the "bulljump". A rite of passage where a young man has to jump a line of cattle to become a man. © Steven Goethals Join me on Facebook

"Her teachings are all about getting the job done and obtaining physical results in the real world. What gets in our way of doing our best and how do we leap those obstacles? What is truly possible with the body we have been given? Horse medicine is a reminder to check your ego and pay close attention your physical technique in regards to the tasks at hand. Her energy requires immediate and full attention, which, if not respected, could lead to dire consequences. " 12/2014