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He's not a fan of mornings

Clash of the Nerds Top 100 Console Games of All Time: 50-41 Welcome to Part Three of our Clash of the Nerds Top 100 Console Video Games of All-Time. In this list we have games 80-71 for 100-91 90-81 80-71 70-61 60-51 check out the link HereHere Here Here Here. Now lets get back to the list. 50. Resident Evil 4:(Capcom) Many consider this the best of Capcoms zombie survival horror game series Resident Evil and we here at Clash of the Nerds agree. Bringing back series favorite Leon Kennedy…

When dogs fail to come when called their behavior falls into one of two categories: active or passive disobedience. With passive disobedience, the dog doesn't come and it isn't doing much else besides. Instead it simply stands, sits or lies down and

Owner "dumped" her "2" pet dogs in the desert of Arizona, because "she was moving to Minnesota and didn't know what to do with them" If not for a microchip on one of the dogs, the owner may never have been found.The owner was arrested & charged with 2 counts of animal cruelty. "It's cruel & inhumane to leave your animals outside to fend for themselves without food & water:......

Michael Vick is going to be in black and yellow can't wait to see what Tomlin does....I understand how some pittsburgh fan can be upset because of what he has done but this man done his time and learned his lesson believe me if he didn't the Rooney's would have not given him the time of day he was a great player and once great always great

National Service Dog Registry

Sean Doolittle Oakland A's - The most adorable post from @eireanndolan. #Repost ・・・ This little boy saw us walking the dog and pointed to Stella's A's bandana. He told us he loves baseball. He asked if we could play and he made Sean be the pitcher. Sean was charged with the run. Kid had no idea who he was playing with 😂😂😂 (disclaimer: I had permission from his mom to post)

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