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This is an easy read. It is short but gets the point through. I'd say it's a good book to read over the summer at a beach/lake/pool. It is very cute though. It's about a boy who loves this girl and they talk and date...and then he finds out he's not an only child anymore..

Black Out (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard) by Lisa Unger: 0307338487|excerpt Unger: BLACK OUT 1 When my mother named me Ophelia, she thought she was being literary. She didnt realize she was being tragic. But then, Im not sure she understood the concept of tragedy, the same way that people who are born into money...

For Edward Everett Yates, split seconds matter: the precise timing of hitting a low outside pitch, of stealing a base, of running down a fly ball. After a decade playing in the minor leagues—years after most of his peers have given up—he’s still patiently waiting for his chance at the majors. Then one day he gets called up to the St. Louis Cardinals, and finally the future he wanted unfolds before him.

Unwind is a twisted futuristic thriller from the mind of Neal Shusterman, now in paperback. Discussion Group Guide/Lesson Plans

Ink and Bone: The Great Library - Rachel Caine,

Gold by Chris Cleave is an absolutely incredible novel focusing on two Olympic athletes competing for their last chance at the gold.

Best book I've read this year. My review:

This book is a wonderful, read. A great summer book. I highly recommend it if, you like human interest, with a mystery, oh, and cupcakes!!!!