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Post apocalyptic pirate (is where my imagination is going, at least)! I love where classic fantasy & post apocalyptic collide!

The 100 Lexa costume, note the bones on the glove and the shoulder pads.

Ricky Whittle as Lincoln in The 100 - Where has this guy been all my life?

Jason Rothenberg on

the 100 - anya

Love the top and the coat. And belts and pouches are important.

Sharon- Original commander from tv show the 100

Jocasta put in grey to show her inability to see the truth

The 100 // Anya // Dichen Lachman

The 100 BTS 3x03 "Ye Who Enter Here"

Kim Shumway on

love the hair and facial marks

Just the facial marks

the 100 - post apoc serie - Grounder Bellamy!

Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake

When I look at this, all I can see is what it would look like if the Yellowstone super volcano erupted and dumped a load of ash on a large portion of the continent.  Hmmmm.

A Strange Futuristic Scenery