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Gray natural curly hair :)

She's a bad mother-shut-your-mouth! I am LOVING this gray faux-hawk and long lashes! Is my hair gonna look like this?

Curly Cruising - Beautiful gray naturals Mildred Bean

Hair Street Style: Blissful Curls Cruise


Natural Hair So this is what someone with gray naturally curly hair looks like

Janice Is Naturally Glam and Gray! | Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Styles and Natural Hair Care

Janice is encouraging mature women to go natural. She loves her kinky curly hair, and her gray natural hair is an inspiration to anyone considering going gray and natural.

salt & pepper coils FromAPlaceInside.tumblr.com

I have a grey hair. A lone grey strand nestled with the rest of the dark. I wonder when it started growing. Or how it turned grey without me noticing at all. I found it on Tuesday morning as I fluf…