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Jean Batten, all around badass, pilot of first solo flight from England to NZ #FilmHerStory

It's Women's History Month 2015 #FilmHerStory #EdithGarrud #JiuJitsuSuffragette

Corporal Luke Tamatea, Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker and Private Richard Harris were farewelled by hundreds at a memorial service at Burnham Military Camp in Christchurch August 2012, six days after they were killed by a roadside bomb in Bamyan Province.

In the 1940s, Janet Frame was institutionalized in mental hospitals, diagnosed with schizophrenia. When her first collection of stories, which ends with My Last Story, was published in New Zealand, its great success saved her from having to undergo a lobotomy. Read Janet Frame's My Last Story for free starting tomorrow, when Etgar Keret guest edits Recommended Reading.

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It's Women's History Month 2015 #FilmHerStory #VirginiaHall

Influenza hits Samoa | NZHistory, New Zealand history online. Arrived into Samoa despite carrying 6 influenza cases from NZ. No warning was given to the Samoan people and within weeks 8500 people died from the Spanish Influenza ,one fifth of the population . Prime Minister Helen Clark apologised in 2002.

Hone Heke (?-1850) cutting down the British flag at Kororareka, now known as Russell // Hone Heke was one of the first Maori chiefs to support the Treaty of Waitangi between the Maori and the British in 1840, but later led widespread revolts after the agreement was broken // the New Zealand Wars lasted from 1845 to 1872

Lady Heath, born Sophie Pierce Evans in Limerick. For a five-year period from the mid-1920s, pilot Lady Mary Heath was one of the best-known women in the world. It was an era when everyone had gone aviation mad, she was the first woman to parachute and the first woman to gain a commercial pilot’s licence. In 1928 Lady Heath made front-page news worldwide as the first pilot ever, male or female, to fly a small, open cockpit plane solo from Cape Town

Judith Binney - Stories Without End is a testament to nearly 40 years of groundbreaking historical research by one of New Zealand’s leading scholars. Sitting alongside her major works – including the 2010 Book of the Year, Encircled Lands – these essays explore sidepaths and previously unexamined histories. They notably delve into the lives of powerful early Māori figures, including the prophets Rua Kenana and Te Kooti, their wives and their descendants, and the leaders of the Urewera.