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Because of reading

This will be totally me when I (read the books) and my friend (didn't read the books) are going to WATCH MOCKINGJAY PART ONE SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!

Because of Fandoms

Because of reading...

Because of Reading...

Yes I do and anyone who tries to say gale is better because he was there and Peeta tried to strangle katniss is wrong. 1.) Peeta loved her so much he was willing to die for her 2.) Peeta loved her so much he was willing to let her go if it made her happy 3.) he's reliable 4.)he stayed behind for her even after gale left 5.) he's thoughtful 6.) he's nice 7.) he is stronger than he looks mentally and physically. The hating katniss thing was temporary and not his fault! I can name a lot more…

Credit to becauseofreading (Instagram)

Because of reading #PercyJackson Love this moment of how he takes artemis's place to save her but mosty annabeth.... so touching <3