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Help to avoid thinking that you are worthless and to remember God’s view: You are precious in his eyes. Remembering this can be like opening the curtains to let the sunshine into a dark room... USE THE BIBLE TO DEVELOP A POSITIVE VIEWPOINT: W.stdy.ed. |

The Three Graces by Josephine Wall. 3 inseparable sisters – daughters of Zeus, representing all that is noble, beautiful and pure, keep watch from above. Aglaia (brightness) symbolised by brightly coloured butterflies, Euphrosyne (joyfulness) symbolised by the joyful sound of birdsong, and Thalia (bloom) symbolised by a headdress of flowers. Above all they were goddesses, noble of grace, and a beauty which enchants. Their hair and faces shine with radiant beauty, looking down from Mt…


Underwater Slumber Editorials

It throws her into a lake and pins her down with her own dagger...Brielle was in a different car at the time and didn't see her attacked; later is helped by Cyrus seeing Shailene go under

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Erwin Olaf: The Siege and Relief of Leiden 2011

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The Best Paintings of The Great Gustav Klimt

Anne Marie Silberman | Larme d'or (Note: this is not a Klimt as noted in the info above.)