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Remember when you had to wait all day for the phone guy to come and connect your phone to the wall?

Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas – 52 Pics

Wonderful Australian Timber Natural Edge Bowl. Hand Turned by Ken Jackson. Its some years old, probably 80s or older judging by the 7 digit phone number. The grain looks like its Australian sheoak timber. Its very beautiful and unusual and looks like it was made from where a branch joins the main log. Have a look at the grain in the close up pics, it looks like the center of the log ran from side to side through the base of the bowl. Good vintage condition with natural imperfections…

Real good picture | Old phone camera

I went nuts for about an hour rummaging through the boxes in my attic looking for my brother’s old stuff. Finally I found his old mountaineering journals, and sure enough my memory wasn’t just playing tricks on me. Sorry for the lovely camera phone pics. I lent my camera to a friend and I didn’t want to tear the pages out to scan them. My brother and I used to be housemates before he moved to Ecuador, which is why I’ve got all his old junk. He’s never made any mention of encountering…

Dusted off the old #Olympus camera this trip so didn't take nearly as many phone pics. But @amandaraeschreiber caught me among the #joshuatrees. #latergram

This is a collage I made on my Paint program of all the bands I've seen in October, from 2009 to 2013, with pics from my old phone.. Soon I will do another collage of October concert pics from 2014 to present with pics from my smartphone

from Paranormal 360

Real Ghost Pictures: The Lost Little Boy In The Old Elementary School

Real Ghost Pictures: The Lost Little Boy In The Old Elementary School. i'd have shit misen if i saw that lol