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An American soldier stands over the grave of John Simcox, one of the POWs who died in the Berga concentration camp. A special area of the Berga cemetery was set aside for the bodies of 22 Americans, some of whom were buried in the same grave without coffins. The helmet displays the insignia of the 28th Division. (NARA Photo).

Pvt. Alvin L. Abrams, 20, of Philadelphia, PA, was one of the Jewish POWs segregated at Stalag IX-B and sent to the Berga concentration camp, where he was worked to the verge of death. He barely survived the death march after the camp was evacuated in April 1945. He was found at the hospital in Fuchsmuehl, Germany (NARA Photo).

Lying on stretchers are some of the 63 emaciated American POWs liberated in Fuchsmuehl, Germany. From front to rear, the Berga survivors are: Pvt. Winfield Rosenberg, Lititz, PA; Pfc. Paul D. Capps, Herrin, IL; Pfc. James Watkins, Oakland, CA; Pfc. Joseph Guigno, Waltham, MA; and Pvt. Alvin L. Abrams, Philadelphia, PA.

Pfc. James Watkins, 20, of Oakland, CA, was found at the prison hospital in Fuchsmuehl, Germany, by the U.S. Third Army after surviving the death march from the Berga concentration camp (NARA Photo).

Maj. Fulton Vowell and Capt. Herschel Auerbach (right) apprehend an SS guard, assistant warden at the Berga concentration camp. When American troops entered the camp, he fled to an old woman's home, but was betrayed by German civilians and taken into custody.

Everest. Para el Sr. Coco de verano./ El Monte Everest es la montaña más alta del planeta Tierra, con una altura de 8,848 metros sobre el nivel del mar. Está localizada en la cordillera de Mahalangur Himal, en el continente asiático, y marca la frontera entre China y Nepal