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Explore Marvelous Chateau, Wide Lane and more!

This photo allows one to see the marvelous Chateau in full view all the way done the wide lane that leads up to it.

This panoramic view is far enough from the Chateau that many of the outer buildings can be seen.

This is even a better view of the balustrade and stone work on the side of le Chateau.

The tour of Chateau de La Grange is complete for now.It is a magical,historic destination for those interested in antiquity, European history,Horticulture and the lifeways of those who resided at the Chateau over the centuries.

chateau-de-la-grange- the moat is still in use around le chateau & some of the out buildings

The Red Bedroom is paricularly beautiful with incredible historic decor.My Godfather had to open the Chateau to the public as many landed families had to do to pay taxes.Only certain rooms were open for public viewing, while les Comte & Comtess lived in privacy in the rest.

In the Autmn,the Chateau has a program called in English the Ghosts of the Chateau de La Grange.This event is usually timed around Halloween.

This map shows the location of Chateau de La Grange a Manom.It is halfway between the cities of Metz and Luxemburg near the town of Thionville.The location is in northeastern France in the province of Lorraine.