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Explore Marvelous Chateau, Wide Lane and more!

This photo allows one to see the marvelous Chateau in full view all the way done the wide lane that leads up to it.

This is even a better view of the balustrade and stone work on the side of le Chateau.

chateau-de-la-grange- the moat is still in use around le chateau & some of the out buildings

In the Autmn,the Chateau has a program called in English the Ghosts of the Chateau de La Grange.This event is usually timed around Halloween.

Another notice for Joyeaux Noel at the Chateau.........

This centuries old magnificent Chateau is kept up beautifully.

There are such lovely lavender colored blooms with part of the Chateau behind the flowers.

Here is a wonderful close up view that includes the entire Chateau.

This Guest Lecturer explains the Art found in different rooms of the Chateau.

This is anotice of Christmas Events at the Chateau fro another year.