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▰ Sharing Economy — Rachel Botsman BBC discussion: The ‘sharing economy’ or collaborative consumption ... sharing your things with strangers who you have connected with online. Rachel coined the phrase ‘Collaborative Consumption’ and is the author of the influential book What’s Mine is Yours. In part two of Sharing Economy, Peter Day talks with Rachel about this movement - how it puts 20th Century consumerism in a whole different light. [29 minutes] May 2014

Trust Is The New Currency by Mark Traphagen illustrates ways in which the new economy is more about trust and reputation than industrial capital.

Something has to change in this country when it comes to consumer goods and the way we use and dispose of them. This book proposes some provocative ideas!

Winner - Best Idea Sharing: In this thought-provoking Haiku Deck, Haiku Deck Guru @Mark Traphagen builds on ideas from Rachel Botsman, with a case study from AirBnB, to support the message that “in the new connected economy, trust & reputation will be more important than industrial capital.” #hdbestof2013

#Tips To Stay inspired and stay #healthy!

#Tips To Stay inspired and stay #healthy!

Just let it go. Whatever it is that someone said or did that really upset you tell them and let it go. Internalizing your emotions only causes you suffering. Communicate if you want it to fix it....or tell them why you are leaving and let those emotions go. There is no point to stay angry and harbour that toxic feeling inside. It'll cause more damage to you than the person that made you angry in the first place. Today's a new day. New beginnings. New you. #toronto #quotes #life #love…