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Rihanna has been in full swing during her hometown carnival. This time she let her hair loose and wore a revealing beaded carnival bikini.

Don't make your characters someone they're not.  Understand them, and they won't fight back... << Pinning for comment

(People) "lets say that to tear a painting is the kill the person trapped inside it. what if they could reach out and tear the painting themselves to be lost forever?" - I think this is an interesting concept to have of what a piece represents.


Conceptual Photography by Kanghee Kim

Fotografia Conceitual   | Criatives |

36 Exemplos de Fotografia Conceitual

That's the idea I was talking about! See how the actual image is different than the reflection? 40 Outstanding Examples of Conceptual Photography. Looking at things or expressing an idea/thought differently than the "norm"

Example. Based on the topic food, I am going to explore the idea of society's obsession with consuming food and weight representaion of women in mass media. This artist's artwork shows .... I perceive that the artist is trying to say ......

20 Examples of Inspiring Conceptual Photography

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This selfie makes u think a little bit.This is why i think its creative. Paint Black White Brush Layer Skin Tone

This self portrait really caught my attention. I love how the image is black and white, but where he appears to have moved the brush it has color. it is as if he had painted the color on his face.