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Mrs. Drakes room -All About Me Families

Did you know that lots of moms get work from home jobs planning vacations for others from home? There are many ways to go about this -- from starting your own business to working under someone else.

Making friendship bracelets in preschool: colored straws and pipecleaners | Teach Preschool

Secret CVC words where kids figure out the initial sounds of each picture to figure out the secret word - great reading practice and beginning sounds practice at the same time!

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Top 10 Family Command Centers to Organize Your Life

Hi friends! I’ve been working through my next phase of decluttering (read more about that here) using the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. And I’m focusing on organizing my books and papers right now. #sendhelp #papersfordays This quest to organize my whole life has led me to create a command center for our family. …

Disappointed in people../ quotes ..who let you down :)

Having Friends At Work Is Incredibly Important And Here's Why
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Having Friends At Work Is Incredibly Important And Here’s Why

Having Friends At Work Is Incredibly Important And Here's Why

And that us why no man in his right mind stays with Miss Hampton Arkansas. She does not know how to be happy or grateful or just nice. Always talk bad about men and think they are all alike. And lies to everyone she knows and strangers too. What a way to live huh Mad at everyone even her family members.

Yep! You're one pathetic person. Only relationship you fucking up is the one wit your brother dumbass!! But you wouldn't get that sense you like to be shoved up the ass of the girl who really truly tore your brother apart at one time. That's the sad thing tbough, you don't know what a family is. Shit if someone were to put MY brother through all that kinda shit THAT would be the girl I'd never speak to the rest of my life! She would have lost absolutely all respect from me. Cause once you…