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Christians highly value the Bible. That is as it should be. But as we read Holy Scripture, do we receive what God intends? To do so consis...

Trust me, I live in Tennessee. Seems the locals are far more concerned with what YOU may be doing wrong. The rules are too inconvenient for them to follow.

Atheism, Free Thought, Reason, Skepticism, Logic, Secularism, Science, Anti-theist, Christianity, Christians, The Holy Bible, Seth Andrews

King James: Witch Hunter and Paedophile Rapist Extraordinaire. Research it. The forum notes are really entertaining.

Atheism, Religion, Christianity, God is Imaginary, The Bible, Mark Twain. The best cure for Christianity is reading the Bible.

If you are a female and believe men are superior human beings to you and that your station in life is on a par with medieval chattel, then religion is for you.

Atheism. Because we don't feel the need to start wars.