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The possibilities to enjoy your Life to the fullest. To be able to say "I made This happen! I created This Life for me and my family." I swear there is no better feeling than inhaling in that space . Freedom. Time. Being calm and happy. I wouldn't chance that for nothing. Are you curious how I create my freedom and This space. Check the link in my bio and sing in for the free gift. If any guestions just message me through fb or email me. Namaste by naturesamprema

"Never apologize for having high standards. People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them." - Unknown I guess one could so I'm notorious for having high standards and expectations. Being as such navigating life hasn't always been the easiest. But what I've learned is to never relinquish what matters to me simply to appease others nor should anyone else. Be you and let all those who accept that be the ones you keep in your life. Day 9 of #GreatWhiteNorthYogis is…

We first create the space so that we can go deeper. #yoga #beyondbalance #flexible by dylanwerneryoga

To all teachers of yoga and all aspiring teachers of yoga I can wholeheartedly recommend one thing: be a student. Study as much as you can soak it all in. Surrender yourself be willing to ask for help and receive it graciously. Admit that you don't know all the answers and that you're not perfect. What do we share except our journey? And what we have struggled through fought for and suffered for is often what we can teach the most effectively. For it is our difficulty that opens our hearts…

Twist & release Remain open #yoga #yogachallange #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #namaste #practiceandalliscoming #igyogafam #instayoga #twist by ariadnevd

I can do the splits but not everyday. Some days my body isn't ready or open enough. I never push pass a place where I don't feel safe. Yoga has taught me to understand where my limits are. Ego will take us passed our limit and into injury or distress. Let go of ego and mindfully take yourself to your limits. Experience growth not injury. #yoga #splits #sunset by dylanwerneryoga

Impatience is a sign of hurrying hurrying is a sign of worrying worrying is a sign of fear and fear is a sign that you have forgotten that it's never too late to change your thoughts and therefore what you manifest. Put out into the universe exactly what you want to get back today friends! Namaste! by ryanmarksyoga

I haven't done this before... FOR THE NEXT HOUR ASK ME ANYTHING YOU LIKE Q&A TIME... by dylanwerneryoga

Their is just something about a rainy day that makes me think about life. Sitting alone, in the rain is the place be when you're feeling a bit introspective, which is why I just love this photo.

edwina goodness, how many times have I stood over my drawings in the dark in the middle of the night just like this? ...too many to count..